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2017 Conference Presentations

The 73rd annual conference theme was "Make it Milk- Make it Safe."  Presentations were made on the following topics (by clicking on the underlined name of the presentation you will be taken to a read-only version of the presentation- if applicable.  If the presentation name or presenter is not underlined the presentation is not currently available)

Michigan Dairy Trends- Dr. Chris Wolf, Department of Agriculture, Food, and Resource Economics at Michigan State University

Food Safety Risk Self-Assessment Tool for Dairy Processing Plants- Lorry Klinger and Paul McVeigh, MDARD Dairy Industry Field Scientists

Michigan's Safe Drinking Water Act- Back Flow Prevention and Cross Contamination Requirements- Paul Patterson, HydroCorp Inc.

MDARD and 2017 NCIMS Update- Barbara Koeltzow, MDARD Program Manager and Paula Dankert, State Laboratory Evaluation Officer, MDARD


Dairy Farm, Milk Hauler, and Dairy Plant Safety- a combined effort (3 seperate presentations- be sure to click on each)

          Craig Anderson, Agricultural Labor and Safety Services Manager, Michigan           Farm Bureau

          Joshwa Salisbury, Joshwa Salisbury Incorporated, Owner

          Mary Harrington, Quality and Regulatory Operations Manager, General               Mills- Yoplait

Dairy Farm Employee Training- Dr. Rhyannon Moore-Foster, Michigan State University

AMI (Automated Milking Installation) Panel Discussion- a combined effort

          Amy Martin, Gingrich Dairy Farm

          Tom Oesch, Swiss Lane Dairy

          Roger Thomson, DVM

Dairy Product Innovations- Peter Vitaliano, Economic Policy and Market Research, National Milk Producers Federation

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