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2016 Conference Presentations

The 72nd annual conference theme was "Onward and Upward"  Presentations were made on the following topics (by clicking on the name of the presentation you will be taken to a read-only version of the presentation- if applicable.  If the presentation name or presenter is not underlined the presentation is not currently available.)

Dairy Market Trends- Dr. Chris Wolf, Department of Agriculture, Food, and Resource Economics at Michigan State University

Innovation and Marketing in the Dairy Industry- Alan Reed, DMI

The Food Safety and Modernization Act- Tim Slawinski, Emerging Issues Specialist, Food and Dairy Division, MDARD

Prevention of Pathogens in Dairy Processing Plants- Tim Stubbs, Vice-President Product Development and Food Safety, National Dairy Council

Continental Dairy: Farms, People, and Technology Achieving Gold Star Quality-  Steve Cooper, Select Milk Producers President and General Manager of Dairy Manufacturing Operations

GAAMPs- Kristin Esch, Right to Farm Program, Environmental Stewardship  Division, MDARD

Public Perception of the Dairy Industry and Trust in Dairy Farmers- Dr. Ted Ferris, Department of Animal Science, Dairy Extension, Michigan State University

Animal Health and Welfare Concerns- Kevin Olson, Prairie Farms

A History and Update on Bovine TB in Michigan- Dr. Rick Smith, Assistant State Veterinarian Over Ruminant Programs and TB Program Coordinator, Animal Industry Division, MDARD

Cleaning High Protein Films- Tony Erickson, Ecolab

Spore Forming Bacteria and LPC- Steve Murphy, Sr. Extension Associate in the Milk Quality Program, Department of Food Science, Cornell University

MDARD Update- Barbara Koeltzow, Dairy Program Manager, MDARD

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