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Award Nominations

Each year the MDIC committee recognizes individuals in the dairy industry
for going above and beyond their everyday roles. 

Individuals are recognized by 2 awards, either the Industry Service Award or the Field Person of the Year Award.
Industry members are encouraged to nominate co-workers or fellow industry workers by completing nomination forms (click on award name above) or filling out the form below. 

Please be sure to fill out the entire form and hit the BLUE submit at the bottom.

Nominations must be received by April 26, 2024.

Eligibility for Michigan Dairy Field Person of the Year Award

  • Work directly with dairy producers in the field (field inspectors)

  • Work for milk buyers/marketers or regulatory agencies


Eligibility for Michigan Dairy Industry Service Award

  • Any individual that works within the Michigan dairy industry (plant personnel, management, laboratory personnel, equipment dealers, extension, veterinarians, etc.) that does not meet the eligibility for the Michigan Dairy Field Person of the Year

Additionally, will be verbally recognizing those who have retired from the dairy industry since the 2023 MDIC, along with those who plan to retire in 2024.  For those people to be recognized, please submit the name of the retiree, number of years in the dairy industry, and the employer that they will be retiring from to Steve Lehman at by May 13, 2024

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