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2019 Presentations

The 75th annual conference theme was "The Future of Dairy"  Presentations were made on the following topics (by clicking on the underlined name of the presentation you will be taken to a read-only version of the presentation- if applicable.  If the presentation name or presenter is not underlined the presentation is not currently available)

Trends in Dairy Nutrition- Dr. Greg Miller, Chief Science Officer and Executive Vice-President for National Dairy Council, Research, Regulatory, and Scientific Affairs for Dairy Management, Inc., and Global Dairy Sector Leas for Nutritional Security for Global Dairy Platform

Dairy Economics Update- Dr. Chris Wolf, Professor of Agriculture Economics for the Department of Agricultural, Food & Resources Economics at Michigan State University

Dairy Plant Panel Discussion- a combined effort


          Foremost Greenville Venture Partners

          Guernsey Farms Dairy

          Meijer Distribution

Dairy Promotions- Jolene Griffin, Director of Industry Relations at UDIM

NCIMS and Dairy Program Update- Barb Koeltzow, Dairy Program Manager at Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development


Appendix N and Tetracycline Pilot Program- Paula Dankert and Shawn Lee, State Milk Laboratory Evaluation Officers at MDARD

Dairy Farm Sustainability Panel Discussion- a combined effort

          Schaendorf Custom Farming

          SwissLane Dairy

          Walnutdale Farms

          Brinks Family Creamery

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