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2018 Conference Presentations

The 74th annual conference theme was "The Milk Safety Mindset"  Presentations were made on the following topics (by clicking on the underlined name of the presentation you will be taken to a read-only version of the presentation- if applicable.  If the presentation name or presenter is not underlined the presentation is not currently available)

Michigan and World Market Dairy Trends- Dr. Chris Wolf, Department of Agriculture, Food, and Resource Economics at Michigan State University

Michigan's Bovine TB Status- Dr. James Averill, State Veterinarian, MDARD Animal Industry Division

Labor Issues in Agriculture- Bob Boehm, General Manager, Michigan Farm Bureau

Safety- Wes Collins and Ken Kiwicz, Ecolab

Secure Milk Supply- Neil Bendixen, Dairy Farmers of America

         Video Link: Click Here

Recalls and Root Causes- Amandeep Dhillion, Michigan Milk Producers Association

FSMA Panel Discussion- a combined effort

          Amy PeasleyShelter's Family Dairy

          Lina GallegoVernDale Products

          Dale Draper, Leprino Foods

          Amber MatulisMDARD- Food & Dairy Division

MDARD Update- Barb Koeltzow, Dairy Program Manager, MDARD Food & Dairy Division 

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